Accounts Preparation & Tax

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What we provide

We deal with all tax headings, including Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax, VAT, Payroll taxes, etc., and we are in the best position to advise you on the tax implications of capital investment, property transactions, or succession planning.

Annual Accounts

Annual Accounts are required for Tax Authorities, The Companies Office, Bankers, Grant Authorities, etc. We also prepare accounts and projections, which look to the future of the business, based on information you can provide about future prospects. It is also information which your bank manager will find reassuring when you ask for future finance.

Farm Accounts

The nature and viability of farm holdings has changed greatly over the last 30 years. We continue to guide our farm clients through the maze of grant and tax incentives specific to farming activities.


No one likes paying taxes. We use effective planning and proper standards to minimise your tax bill and to ensure that you need have no fear of Revenue Audits. All too often decisions about tax are made on the basis of half understood newspaper articles or advice from friends. When the flaws in these plans are discovered by Revenue you may find that not only have you failed to save any tax – you may even have increased your tax bill and laid yourself open to interest and penalties. So talk to us first.

Online Accounting

Using Xero & Receipt Bank we can offer online cloud accounting packages. As well as the annual accounts, this will enable you to have up to date financial information in real time as well as quarterly and monthly accounts and reports if required. As your accountant we will be working with up to date and forward looking accounts rather than accounts which are already out of date and this hugely increases the value of advice which we can give to you, to help your business thrive. Other advantages such as recording invoices by taking a picture on your phone, or issuing sales invoices on the go, from your phone, tablet or laptop, are just some of the ways that these game changing technologies could help to make running your business easier and more profitable. For more information please see the online accounting page.

Outsourced Payroll Services

We offer a highly qualified, dedicated and friendly outsourced payroll bureau service, which is customisable to your requirements and is adaptable to businesses of any size, large or small. Leave the hassle of PAYE Modernisation with the experts.