Other Services



The below list as well as the other main services are by no means exhaustive, VAT, PAYE, PRSI, USC, Social Welfare, Employment Legislation, Central Statistic Office Returns, Business Restructuring, Personal Budgeting, are all part and parcel of what we deal with on a day to day basis.

PersonaI Insolvency Practitioner- Tackling problem debt together

Sean Leahy is also a certified Personal Insolvency Practitioner(PIP), and there are solutions available for all levels of debt. Read more about its here

Capital Investment

Investment decisions have to be made with great care. Significant investment expenditure should be discussed in advance with a Chartered Accountant. We will point out the various options regarding finance, taxation, and possible future pitfalls at the outset and it will be necessary to appraise different projects before deciding on the best option to take.

Grant Applications

Accounts and certificates are required for various grants available through state agencies. Familiarity with the various schemes is vital and we play a leading role in obtaining the full entitlements for clients.

Dealing with Financial Institutions

We are very familiar with all aspects of small business and are therefore in a position to negotiate with bankers, financial institutions, etc., regarding the best terms and conditions for borrowings, leasing, hire purchase and other loans.